Intel STS, Day 1

I’m at the Intel Science Talent Search in Washington, D.C. For those of you unfamiliar with it, it is a contest where 40 finalists are selected after a rigorous process (including reading your papers, mentor recommendations, standardized test scores, etc) to come to Washington. I’ve decided to try liveblogging this event.

(11:15) I reached the airport at about 6:45 AM LA time, and I finished all the security checks by 7:30. I met up with one of my friends, George Hou, who’s also an STS finalist; both of us were in the math category last year at the LA County Science Fair. I can’t wait to meet all the other finalists!

(12:52) Once I got onto the plane, I took a few pics, and promptly fell asleep. But I got a good sleep yesterday, and so I was awake within 2 hours. With nothing else to do, I’ll probably continue reading Lurie’s thesis or my own paper. (Lurie’s thesis it is)

(22:05) I met most of the STS finalists; all are incredible people! I’m rooming with an awesome guy, Joshua Choe, whose project is in biology. I’m currently sitting in Demitri’s room, chatting about science. We’re talking about why the Big Bang was not a bang, why DNA is what determines an organism’s structure, etc. Before this, we ate dinner – it was awesome. We then practiced telling our story, i.e., about ourselves and our projects. I tried setting up my board, and messed up a bit (but it wasn’t too bad). Apparently there’s a TV in the bathroom, but we haven’t found it yet. My judging interviews tomorrow are at 11:15 am and 3:00 pm. I guess I’ll continue tomorrow, when there’s a little more to write about.

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